• $8 for a FULL YEAR! (regular price $8/month)
  • DOES include OnDemand or Streaming Access to the library of 8-MINUTE WORKOUTS.
  • DOES NOT include EQUIPMENT or DVDs.
  • DOES NOT include fee based PROGRAMS that combines eating & exercise (coming soon).

8-Minute Workouts streams dozens of workouts for your fitness pleasure.  You can watch on your TV, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.  It follows an innovative and proprietary formula 30 • 16 • 8 that Jaime developed for the past 30-years.

  • 30 seconds per move.
  • 16 moves.
  • 8 minutes.

NuGo® Nutrition… Get Delicious.  Get Nutritious & Fit Any Lifestyle. 

No other nutrition bar gives you as many choices to match your lifestyle.

What makes NuGo bars so delicious? They’re dipped in healthy, melt-in-your-mouth, REAL dark chocolate. Our REAL Dark Chocolate is made straight from cocoa beans and cocoa butter, and gives our bars their unforgettably smooth and luscious taste. Other “chocolate” protein bars substitute palm kernel oil for natural cocoa butter. The imitation chocolate that coats those bars is waxy, artificially sweet, and cannot melt in your mouth. For REAL Dark Chocolate, NuGo Dark®, is the only real deal.

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In this book, you’ll learn easy, effective ways to deal with difficult challenges we all face as we climb over the next hill, including low energy, increasing weight, sagging skin, achy bones and joints, irritability, and melancholy.  But our #1…main focus will be on showing you how moving your body and eating high-value foods will increase the odds that you ride into your golden years with energy and vitality.

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